Thanks so much for reading this month‘s news from The Initiative, a community committed to “walking in deeper friendship with Jesus and his followers, so that the love of Christ might exceed all divisions.” We do this primarily through prayer, sharing of our lives, and proactive work for greater unity. 

This month, we’ve opened registration for the Chapter Launch gathering in June and we hear from Tes Lee, a member of the Focolare community in Chicago and part of The Initiative.

Chapter Launch Gathering – happening this June

      We’re excited to announce the first step in this year’s launching of local chapters of The Initiative: a 48-hour gathering to experience encounter across difference, to examine the core “way” and practices of encounters across difference, and to develop skills at hosting encounters across difference. This gathering will also be the collaborative engine that will help us discern the ways local chapters can best nurture the growth of “love greater than division.”
Please consider joining us from Monday June 17th to Wednesday June 19th for this important time together. More details and registration information will be up on our website soon. We don’t want money to be a barrier to your being there, so we’ll be making scholarships available.
Got questions or thoughts about the gathering or the chapter launch in general? Reply to this email or reach out here.

Resource of the Month: Reflection from Tes Lee

     At our regional gatherings last summer, we recorded reflections from several members and friends of The Initiative. This month, we’re featuring one from Tes Lee, who is also a member of the Catholic Focolare community in Berwyn, IL. The spirituality of the Focolare has had a profound shaping influence on The Initiative from its very beginning. Tes’ brief but profound insights into how we approach theological and cultural differences will illustrate some of why that’s been the case.

Reflection from Tes Lee
Reflection from Tes Lee

In the beginning of Isaiah 49, the Lord dramatically expands the mission of the “Servant” saying, “It is too small a thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob.” (v. 6). Instead, it is God’s intention to bring light and salvation “to the ends of the earth.” That’s no mere figure of speech, but a powerful revelation of how God’s love moves out beyond any preconceived boundaries.

At a moment when you and I might be tempted to draw the relational circle a little smaller, either out of fear or weariness, may the Lord continue to draw us out beyond ourselves into new and unfamiliar territories of love and friendship.

Yours in Christ’s Love,
Scott Brill
Executive Director