Do you have a desire to become a person of action and contemplation? Do you desire to be a Christ-like peacemaker, a mission bridge-builder and a servant-leader, both inside and outside of your congregation? Do you believe that Christ’s kingdom is about more than involvement in church programs but rather about the good news of Jesus making us one with all of God’s people in a community of relational unity that leads to deeply shared mission? We call this vision of mission and unity “missional-ecumenism.”

The Initiative Cohort group may be the very kind of training experience you need to jump start your journey into a new stage of Christian growth and mission. This Cohort is designed for people of all races, vocations and churches who desire to promote and live in unity, reconciliation and the Spirit of God’s love.

The Initiative Cohort is a nine-month process, which can start at any time during any calendar year. The starting time is determined by the group that will gather and the mentor that will lead it. The Initiative Cohort involves various learning styles designed to work well within a small group of 8-20 persons. This style includes intense open discussions, practical applications and intentional accountability. The Cohort includes clergy (generally about 35% of the group) and non-clergy (generally about 65% of the group), men and women and participants of all ages. Members come from various church backgrounds and denominations including Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox.

We hope the next Initiative Cohort groups will take place in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington (DC), New York and Charlotte. (When these locations are confirmed we will make the times and places public.) If you are interested in specific local information about a Cohort group contact the organizers, John Armstrong and/or Scott Brill. John is the founder of The Initiative and serves as a special ambassador for this covenant community. You can reach John at You can reach Scott at (Scott is a member of The Initiative leadership council and lives in the Boston area.) Once we have determined that we have a sufficient group in size to proceed registration will formally open on this site. The first step, however, is to contact John and/or Scott for more information. 

Further information, and extensive application information, is available here.